US Gun Violence Study Uses Math to Compare Policies for Curbing Deaths

Posted by admin on August 23, 2013
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US Gun Violence Study Uses Math to Compare Policies for Curbing Deaths
What’s the best way to curb gun violence in the U.S.? The gun lobby often calls for better law enforcement. Advocates of gun control typically say it’s all about better background checks and more laws to limit gun ownership. What does science have to say about gun violence? Until recently, not a whole lot. That’s because federal funding for research on firearm violence was largely nonexistent until last January, when President Obama declared firearm deaths a public… [Huffington Post (USA), via]

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Routine Traffic Stop in Australia Leads to Haul of Illegal Guns
Police have uncovered a cache of illegal weapons including an AK47 in three central Queensland homes. During a routine traffic stop on July 15 police discovered an unsecured weapon in the car of a 69-year-old Mount Morgan man. When police later searched the man’s home they found another 28 weapons, including eight handguns. Through further investigations police uncovered a total of 150 weapons at two other homes. The loot included an AK47, 20 handguns,… [Brisbane Times (Queensland), via]

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