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Posted by admin on October 04, 2013
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The Remington 870 is one of the bestselling shotguns due to its durability, reliability and its cost, which is relatively less compared to the other shotguns. It is fourth in line along the models of the Remington pump shotguns. It is widely used for hunting and self-defense. Being a highly functional defense device, manufacturers have designed various Remington 870 accessories to upgrade it. These Remington 870 accessories improved the shotgun’s capacity as well as its appearance. Below is the list of the Top 10 Remington 870 accessories being sold in the market today in no particular order:

1. Remington 870 Stocks
Selecting the right stock for a Remington 870 is vital. The person’s shooting abilities highly depend on the fit of the stock. One of the popular among the many Remington 870 stocks is the Magpul SGA Stock.

It is simple to install and is very user-friendly. Its design and layout is made to improve the shooter’s grip and includes a spacer system for length of pull adjustment. This is unique among all other Remington 870 stocks as is it tries to introduce innovations in firearm accessories, experimenting with the design that gun owners tend to either like it or hate it.

Just like for other guns, Remington 870 stocks are made of a variety of materials. Opt for the ones that are not only functional, it should also be convenient so as not to defeat its purpose, which is for defense.

2. Shotgun Light
Installing a shotgun light is useful when a shooter is targeting in a dark place or during the night. It should be remembered that one must target first before shooting. A shotgun light like the Eotech IFL will increase the shooter’s chances of aiming for their target. It is relatively cheaper and a bit less powerful than more expensive and known brands but it contains all the necessary features a shotgun light should have.

3. Magazine Extension
The Remington 870 shotgun is already heavy in itself and some of them are sold without magazine extensions. This decreases the amount of shells that can be fit in the shotgun. Because if its weight, it may seem impractical to purchase a magazine extension but the product Nordic Components magazine extension proves otherwise. This magazine extension is light and most gun owners do not encounter any complications in using it.

4. Sling Mount
Also included in the list of Remington 870 accessories are the slings which are created in order to free hands of the gun as needed. In order to install a sling on a Remington 870, a sling mount is needed. One of the known sling mount product is the one from GG&G.

5. Remington Magazine Follower
The one that is installed in the shotguns that are factory-manufactured followers are easy to break. It should be replaced by a follower made of stainless steel such as the Brownells Magazine Follower. It is very durable and does not make shooters suffer from any feeding problems.

6. Receiver Mount Shell Holder
The shell holders available in the market are either 4-round, 6-round or 8-round shell carriers. A sidesaddle that is durable such as Mesa Tactical one of the most recommended ones. It might be the most expensive brand but its reliability and special features make up for its worth.

7. Remington 870 Safety
It is recommended that the safety should be large for fast removing especially during emergencies. The built-in safety of the Remington 870 shotgun is small and owners prefer to replace it with oversized ones like the Wilson Combat Jumbo Head Safety making the shotgun more accessible for use.

8. Barrel
For home defense purposes, it is better to stick to short up to medium length barrels. Long ones are more appropriate for hunting. A barrel that is 18.5” such as the Carlsons barrel is appropriate for whichever purposes it may be used for. It is the best choice for beginners or for people who only have shotguns for home defense, as it is simple and not too pricey.

9. Sights
For sights, it is wise to choose Tritium ones because they last for almost 12 years. It is also available in different colors. Sights are very important in dark places or during nighttime as it is used every time for shooting.

10. Extractor
Non-MIM extractors are the ones that should be used for the Remington 870 as it will ensure efficient extraction of the fired shells.

These Remington 870 accessories are all available in online shops and some, like the Remington 870 stocks, are even available in different colors for aesthetic appeal. The purpose of the shotgun, which is for home defense, should always be kept in mind when buying accessories


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