Remington 870 Stock Review Form ATI

Posted by admin on October 17, 2013
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One of the most popular shotguns worldwide is the Remington 870 shotgun. Among its accessories, one of the most important is the stocks. Remington 870 stocks are very crucial in being able to shoot fast and accurately. Other gun owners may prefer to buy the stocks, which are being sold today rather than retaining the original factory stock. One of the more known brands for Remington 870 stocks is the ATI shotgun stock, which can be bought from Brownells. ATI stands for Advanced Technology International and its product is called Talon Tactical Adjustable Shotgun Stock. This stock is mainly made for Remington 870 12 GA. Here are some of the remarkable features of the ATI shotgun stock.

The ATI stocks looks plain and simple. The manufacturers also make it a point to make it available in different colors for consumer preferences.

The materials that were used for the ATI shotgun stock sets it apart from other Remington 870 stocks available. The materials were chosen carefully to ensure the full functionality of the stock without compromising its appearance. Each material that was used is mainly for the overall improved performance of the shotgun.

The grip on a shotgun is important. The pistol grip of the ATI shotgun stock is designed to make shooters handle the shotgun in a fighting stance, making the shooters more comfortable in handling it. On the other hand, the finger grips of this stock also ensure a stable hold on the shotgun.

As not all people who own a Remington 870 are experienced shooters, this stock is designed in a way that even the inexperienced shooters will be able to install it easily. It is user friendly and can be used comfortably by anyone, whether experienced or not. In addition, the adjustable feature of this stock makes it easy to be handed to anybody within the range.

The price of this ATI shotgun stock may be a little bit more costly than the other ones but the materials that compose it as well as the layout makes the money worth it. The engineering and layout of the stock are planned comprehensively with the users in mind.

Other Features
Customers may purchase one may or may not have a recoil system. Some people may prefer the ones without this because of its potential drawbacks. Either the recoil may cause a hiccup or it might also hit the shooter on his /her face.

As this shotgun has conveniently earned its reputation for its common usage for home defense, manufacturers of the Remington 870 stocks make it a point to produce products that are easy to use for both experienced and inexperienced shooters. These types of products as more practical to purchase as it can be easily handled by anyone. The Talon Tactical Adjustable Shotgun Stock has proven to be a good choice based on the factors of efficiency, functionality, and price. Remington 870 stocks should be chosen carefully as will affect the shooter’s accuracy and it should improve the function of the shotgun for its purpose, which is mainly for defense.

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